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Mlp Base Face Trouble (katze-des-grauens) by Nekokochan123 Mlp Base Face Trouble (katze-des-grauens) :iconnekokochan123:Nekokochan123 127 9
Bad Girl - Akabane Karma x Reader
R14 lol xD. Note: The story begins in the middle of Karma and Reader’s second year at Kunugigaoka (we’ll assume that Karma and Nagisa have drifted apart by now).
“Hey, Karma, today is the last day I’m going to have lunch with you.” You announced rather casually while absentmindedly chewing on a spring roll. “Maybe you should make up with Nagisa-kun so you won’t have to sit alone.”
“Hm?” Karma scrutinized you with a questioning gaze.
“Oh, you haven’t heard? I’ll be transferred to Class E as of tomorrow for the latest prank I pulled. Sheesh, it’s not as if I did anything particularly harmful…” You mumbled the last bit out with a childish pout.
“Hah, what did you do this time, (Name), and why wasn’t I let in on it?” Karma asked inquisitively, eager to
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 340 50
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OC Profile Template (free use)
Due to the lack of Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) character profiles on deviantART, I've decided to make one myself :D. Feel free to use this for your own Assassination Classroom OC's, just leave a link in the comments below and credit me when done.
IMPORTANT: Remove the information in the brackets and italics, those are only pointers on what to put there.
"Yep, we're assassins. And our target is our teacher." (Nagisa Shiota, Class 3-E)
Basic Information:
Name: (surname, first name)
Name Meaning:
Preferred Name: (does your character prefer to go by their surname, their first name or a nickname?)
Aliases: (any 'code-names' your character goes by)
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Dominate Hand:
Physical Description / Personality:
Status (choose the one that is
:iconmangavolt-art:MangaVolt-Art 53 35
Akabane Karma x Reader: spin the bottle
* Slight cursing. Don't like it don't read it. You have been warned. Anyway enjoy.*
Monday_ fifth period
"Okay class,seems like we have some spare times today." Koro sensei said happily.
Well thanks to the oh so speed of Koro sensei , your class have finished earlier than scheduled.
"Thanks god, I can finally relax." You murmur, lazily stretch out on the wooden table."Maybe I should finish that book ." You murmured again before lean down and take the book in your bag.
"You seem tired, (Name)-chan.You don't seem to have enough sleep." Karma, the red head brunette sit next to you asks, smirking his signature smirk.
"I spend the whole night reading books ". You said eyes still searching for that one book you desire.
"Oh ! What kind of book?" Karma asks teasingly
"Definitely not the one you have in mind, Karma-kun." You said slamming a thick , black cover book on the table not before giving a certain devil a glare
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 363 67
She and Him, An Akabane KarmaxReader Love Story
A girl was walking around the grass field around Class E of Kunugigaoka. She has (h/l) (h/c) hair, and she's humming happily when suddenly she tripped over a... pair of legs?
"Wha-" the girl fell, making a loud thud voice.
"Pfft." She heard a stifled laugh. She stood up as she dusted her skirt and clothes. Falling down the first thing in the morning isn't the least bit fun. And getting laughed at doesn't help at all, really.
"Karma. I figured it was you." She said, as she plopped down beside the said red-haired boy, Akabane Karma.
The ruthless red-haired male shrugged in response. Seeing this one girl is really interesting. Nobody has ever talked to him like that (no girls, at least, and count Class E out because well, assassins, duh).
She was just a normal girl with... well, assassination skill. She said she had always liked these kind of games or something, that's why (He doesn't believe her but oh well).
But she could, as much as Karma hates to say it, knock<
:iconakabane-karma:akabane-karma 247 23
hint || nagisa shiota x reader
You were moved to Class 3-E two months ago. Ever since the day it was announced, you were looked down on by your other classmates, and even some of your friends. You knew pretty much nobody in Class 3-E, which you soon learned was the "End Class." 
But, one particular blue-headed boy, Nagisa Shiota, felt just as you.
You two began talking, and talking, to where he thought of you as a best friend. 
But you were clueless to what he really thought about you. 
"Hey, [Name]-chan," he said, walking over to your desk after the class was dismissed. "Do you wanna walk home together?"
You nodded, smiling. "Sure." 
Nagisa was a nervous wreck on the way to your homes. You lived closer to the school, so he would occasionally ask to walk you home.
You got the nervous vibe off of him, but you weren't sure why. 
"Hey... Nagisa-kun? You look really nervous... Can I ask why?"
"I, u-uh, u-um, I-I'm not n-nervous! Wh-what gives y-you that i-i-idea?" he stuttered.
You giggled. "You
:icontokyo-ghostly:Tokyo-Ghostly 163 63
Assassination Classroom OC Profile
Assassination Classroom OC profile
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Blood Type:
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation:
Previous Occupation:  
Base of Operations:        
Personal Status
Status        :
Relationship Status:
Sexual Focus:
Public Attire:
Outdoor Attire:
Swimming Attire:
Formal Attire:  
:iconjanimetgamerthormak:JanimeTgamerThormak 42 12
Base #28 by AngelGroup Base #28 :iconangelgroup:AngelGroup 1,898 404 Base 'Wanna steal shit with me?' by Chanour-bases Base 'Wanna steal shit with me?' :iconchanour-bases:Chanour-bases 225 10 MLP The Straw Hat Crew by SuperRosey16 MLP The Straw Hat Crew :iconsuperrosey16:SuperRosey16 223 23 Mlp Base - I don't care!!! by MelodySweetheart Mlp Base - I don't care!!! :iconmelodysweetheart:MelodySweetheart 974 96 iori present by scarfboyfriends iori present :iconscarfboyfriends:scarfboyfriends 2 3 Spiral by RavieTheArticFox Spiral :iconraviethearticfox:RavieTheArticFox 2 0 MEMES by Loralove8 MEMES :iconloralove8:Loralove8 3 7 Mansion of F.K.San Galli by VikingFedor Mansion of F.K.San Galli :iconvikingfedor:VikingFedor 2 1 80 points / closed by cutecarrots 80 points / closed :iconcutecarrots:cutecarrots 6 4



Gavin Reference
Here is a reference sheet for another one of my OC's

No stealing!!!
Luna Reference
Here is a reference sheet for a new character of mine

No stealing!!
Im always here for u
This is what friends are for

They keep us safe and make it a caring/comforting emotion for us



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